Merry Or Miserable Marriages???

by Elaine Kwa

Have you ever seen old couples holding hands and still being affectionate to each other in their twilight years? Do you hope to have a better marriage than the current state that you are in right now? Then, perhaps you should give the Alpha Marriage Course a try!

Alpha Marriage is a 10-session course where couples would watch a video hosted by Alpha Marriage mentors Nicky and Silas Lee. In the video, this husband and wife team will guide you through the discussion you have with your spouse using the Alpha Marriage Couse workbook.

If you are worried about open sharing with other couples, don’t be! You do not need to discuss your marital issues with other couples other than your spouse. This course allows you to have a safe platform to talk about the issues in your marriage that perhaps have been long swept under the rug or it could just be an opportunity for you and your spouse to learn to have good conversations again after a period of dwindling in quality of time you have for each other.

I have found the Alpha Marriage Course to be very helpful. It has helped Chang Hong and me not to take our marriage for granted and apply what we have learned to build a stronger marriage. Even the most formidable couples whom we assume to be the role models in our church or community have their ups and downs in their marriage lives. And to be honest, even the most God-fearing woman would also have their moments thinking to themselves, “Why on earth did I marry this idiot?!” Very likely, the spouse has the very same thoughts too! So the Alpha Marriage Course reminds and shows you again the art of good communication with your spouse.

All in all, I would highly recommend all married couples to attend the Alpha Marriage Course irrespective of whether you have been married only for two years or two decades! Marriage is an important institution established by God. It must be well-maintained. I hope with my sharing, more will attend the Alpha Marriage Course. I strongly advocate every marriage needs a refresher!

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