Standing In Awe Of God

by Sally Ti

This comes to my mind as I silently cry for the dead, pleading with God to protect those who sacrifice much to help in the tornado of the sick and dying.I would like to share these thoughts with you, my family in Christ, who I know are also struggling to come to terms with the fact that our world is so arrogantly being thrashed to its own peril.Now we find we need to come to God and His Word to seek understanding and solace. Now more than ever we are suddenly gripped with the need to be intimate with our loving Heavenly Father and find comfort in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.

My Thoughts *

Suddenly the gathering gloom …..
Suddenly we must realize we are human, not gods of our own making. Human in
nature with God’s immutable physical laws. Suddenly the viruses imprint our
disobedience to live righteous lives.

Suddenly we must know that God is real. God has to be real or life is meaningless.
And dying is for the dogs.

Suddenly there has to be a trust in not just a loving God but a just God.

Suddenly we know God’s wrath comes slowly but surely that we may repent, honour
God and, respect and love one another.

Suddenly we must realize we are in the same boat, sailing on the blue seas and
under blue skies or otherwise we sink in the stinking shit that we allow to fester by
our indifference, fear or greed.

Suddenly we must know that people need Jesus’ redeeming and saving grace.

Suddenly there is heaven and there is hell in our consciousness.
To God be the glory in all we think, say and do.

Suddenly we know that He directs all our steps, calls us by name and metes out His

Suddenly we know we have to take shelter in our Almighty God.

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