Recalling God's love, faithfulness and providence

These are the testimonies of real lives in WMCKL remembering what God has done


Shaan Sya

God has used KL Wesley in so many ways to touch my life – from encouragement and support of fellow enablers and small group members, to conviction and chastisement through the sermons from the pulpit, being a part of this church community has been fundamental in my growing in discipleship.


EilEen loh

In WMCKL, I am constantly encouraged and inspired to build a stronger relationship with God and to know Him deeper. Because of the encouragement, I started joining a small group and doing my Quiet Time. I’m thankful that in doing these things, I can feel more of God’s presence and God has started to get much more involved in my daily decisions and thoughts. This brings me so much peace and joy.

Praise the Lord! Thank you WMCKL for being such a supportive community that helped make this new experience possible.

Happy 124th Anniversary WMCKL! 😀

Charlotte Nelson Venudran​

I thank God for establishing WMCKL, and for bringing my family here. Since moving to Kajang and seeking in prayer for many months, I believe what confirmed our attendance at WMCKL was the Bible based pulpit ministry, emphasizing the importance of seeking and putting God first; getting our lives aligned with God’s plans, purposes and will and the “how to” methods too. I pray and trust God to continue to bless, empower, equip and mobilize WMCKL – in discipling my family; and to truly make us His hands and feet, to love His people and reach the lost.

Thank You Father.

Valerie Sya

I am grateful for many of the sermons preached at WMCKL. They are relevant to where I am in life right now and they remind me about where God wants me to be. The focus on practical application stops me from ignoring that there’s a need for growth in the faith.

Charles Choong

My Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Eklund introduced Jesus to me at the Bible study class when I was 16 years old at WMCKL. In 1947, I experienced some storms in my life, but after that came sunshine – JESUS.
Learning that Jesus was willing to forgive Peter even after Peter denied Him 3 times, it prompted me to surrender my life to Jesus. I was baptized by Rev. Abel Eklund in 1947.  I yielded myself to His will and served Him faithfully. My life is so great now and I have Jesus to thank for it!

Kwong Choong Vai & Rachel

I accepted Christ in Form Five through the school’s Scripture Union. Having visited two other churches, and feeling rather lonely, I prayed and God led me to WMCKL. During my first visit, I was invited to the Youth Fellowship. And it’s been 42 years since. I’ve enjoyed the many blessings of awesome friends; genuine fel
lowship and support; deep spiritual growth; intensive leadership and ministry training. I met my husband here and our children were discipled in the Junior and Senior Sunday school. The inter-generational discipleship has blessed them and they now live in active service for the Lord. For all this, I am truly thankful and give all honour and glory to God.


– Rachel Kwong

I joined the MYF in KL Wesley in 1970. I enjoyed the warmth in the fellowship which led to my confession of faith and baptism. I had leadership roles in the District and National MYF. Eventually this vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and fellowship with friends led me to participate in various ministries. I was actively engaged in bible studies, parish groups, small groups, Church planting, social concerns, youth ministry and administration at local church, district and the annual conference. God is a constant presence in my life. He is my everything. He provided, guided, comforted and strengthened me in every decision and direction.


– Kwong Choong Vai

Douglas Oh

I feel blessed by God for his message to WMCKL given to us through the sermons for the past 2 years or so as it teaches me to identify and correct the hidden faults and weaknesses within me so that when I am faced with various trials, challenges and difficulties, I can better deal with them by choosing the right responses which are right in the eyes of God. By following this message, I believe it will help many to grow to be what every Christian’s ultimate goal is – more Christlike in character. 

Mah Teck Meng

WMCKL has nurtured my family’s Christian growth for 3 generations. The Sunday services, Sunday School, MYF, MYAF, Boys Brigade and small groups provided spiritual nourishment and moral compass throughout the years to us. We experienced God’s manifold blessings and love through the kindness, graciousness and generosity of WMCKL members who served as teachers, worship enablers, role models, small group leaders, prayer partners, etc. WMCKL also provided opportunities for us to grow spiritually and contribute to society by being involved in its programs.
Happy 124th Church Anniversary to all my brothers and sisters in Christ at WMCKL.

Evelyn Boey

In our search for overseas student accommodation for my daughter a few years ago, God led us to a room near the campus, facing the back of a church with the cross clearly visible. It was a comforting reminder that God is watching over her, especially when the pandemic began escalating. God is our refuge and fortress and His promises in Psalm 91 gave us much peace and comfort.

Being nurtured in the faith beginning from Sunday School at WMCKL had given my daughter courage, peace and hope as she faced the calamity. We’re thankful for this, and grateful to God for protecting her. She arrived home safely after completion of the final exams and after several cancelled flights.

Praise the Lord!

Allan Cheah

After completing our tertiary education, my wife-to-be Pei Gee and I looked for a family church after serving in a student-focused church during our varsity days. God led us to this quaint little church at the top of a hill in KL and we are just thankful to be a part of the WMCKL story and the impact it’s had on our story ever since!
Here, we got married, brought up our three kids, served in various ministries and grew spiritually with the support of our small group. It is my prayer that God continues to touch lives and write stories through WMCKL for many, many more years to come! 
Blessed 124th WMCKL!


Goh Keat Seng & Tan Phing Choo

We have wonderful missions memories in our years (1988 – 2021) in WMCKL. The Lord blessed us with support from the Pastors, church family and the MYAF (to whom we were counsellors).

In His timing, God gave Keat Seng the ability and love to share and teach Christ’s Great Commission to the young and old.

The Lord did “not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”… to carry out Christ’s Commission. Together with some eager church members, God made us His “beautiful feet” to Thailand, Myanmar and Nepal. God gave us the adventures of our lives, and great joy in working towards His fulfillment.

TQ Heavenly Father.


Yong Chang Hong

My journey with WMCKL began when I joined MYF back in 1999. Through it, I learned to have a relationship with God and also made life-long friends in the Lord. Subsequently, I served in Senior Sunday School and later in Ignite Youth. By serving, I am able to exercise the spiritual gifts that the Lord has given me. Besides this, attending SG and bible studies/courses are some of spiritual disciplines which WMCKL provided for me to continually grow in the Lord. I thank the Lord for WMCKL and pray that the Lord will continue to use its congregation to accomplish His will.

EVELYN Samuel​

WMCKL’s Helpline catalysed my ministry in Christian counselling and has since fostered my being discipled by Jesus.  “And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot by my disciple” (Luke 14:27).  Church life is essential for my personal spiritual growth.

Karen Teh

WMCKL holds a special place in my heart. My family and I have been attending WMCKL since 1994 and my children were baptised here. My previous involvement with the Street Ministry and Wesley Home helped me see life outside my comfort zone. Through them, I discovered compassion and love for people.
Through the sermons, the Bible courses and daily devotions, I learned how to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. Placing my faith and dependence on God, I have decided to answer God’s call to move forward by serving in my Small Group.
May WMCKL continue to shine the love and light of Christ to the nation. Glory to God!

Evonne Chong

At first, I thought that being a Christian just meant attending church. I believe God brought me to WMCKL to help me grow spiritually. First, He led me to be a Sunday School teacher for 2 years so that I could learn more about Him along with the children. Next, He led me to a small group to grow and be encouraged. Later, I was asked to be the Small Group Leader, as an opportunity given by God; then, appointed as co-Parish Leader, and later as PL. I believe these are God’s ways to help me be His disciple, not just being a Christian.

Tan Hock Hin & Lucy

The years 1980-2000 was a particularly significant period to us when members and friends worked very closely in the development of two major projects of the church, namely the Development of Parish Groups that soon witnessed the formation of five new TRAC congregations and the Menara Wesley building project. It was a memorable learning experience as we saw God’s faithfulness.

All praise to God!

Vicky Lee

I was a member of another Methodist church when I attended the “Disciple” and “Christian Believer” Bible Study series in WMCKL. Subsequently, I began leading a
Bible study class in my church and in another Methodist church. In 2005, Mr. & Mrs. Goh Keat Seng invited me to join them for the Cokesbury Training Seminar on “Training the Trainers” in Singapore.
Later, after completing the Lay Preacher’s Licence course, I was appointed Supply Pastor to Christ MC Mentakab for 2009. Today, I am now serving in the Pastoral Support Team of WMCKL.

I am grateful that WMCKL had discipled me to serve God and to become the person I am now. All glory to God!

Vivienne Ee

I was a Buddhist, but by God’s grace I was baptised and married in WMCKL in 1962. During those early days, I did not know much about Jesus and was not keen to attend church. My late husband, Ee Chong Wah regularly brought home the magazine, “Glad Tidings” which I read.From that I discovered volunteerism at the Goodwill Shop, and interactions with some senior Christians led me to join their activities. These experiences motivated me to participate in church life.Over time I desired to know God; enrolled for Bible studies which helped develop my relationship with God.
All glory to God!

Soo Ching Pin

My first visit to WMCKL was for a job interview. I got the job and started worshipping regularly here. Soon I joined a choir and got involved with the MYAF. Much later I also joined a small group. I would also occasionally attend parish group meetings even though I did not necessarily live within the parish myself. Through my relationships with the brothers and sisters that I’ve met in all these areas of ministry, God moulded me to be the person that He wants me to be, and continues in doing so. 

I wish you all a most blessed 124th Anniversary! 


Janet Yap

Many years ago, I fell into depression when my husband passed away. Someone brought me to WMCKL where I was counselled by Rev. Dr. Denis Dutton (now Bishop Emeritus). I recovered and accepted Jesus as my Saviour, and soon became involved in various ministries such as the Senior Fellowship and Wesley Tidings. I have been greatly blessed by God in this church.


After my recent fall, I could hardly walk, but my small group members were quick to respond. They brought me cakes, buns, soups, and others sent encouraging words that made me feel very well-loved. Most importantly they continued to uphold me in prayer.


All praise and glory to God!


Diana Kuah

I was born into a Christian family.  My parents and grandparents were also in small groups in their time.
After attending WMCKL for a while, it was natural for me to look for a small group. I was very happy to find one that meets in the morning.
Being in the small group makes me feel part of a big family – the family of God. I thank God for the sisters in my group who help each other to grow and serve Him in any way we can.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Raymond Yap

I was baptized in 1983, but was literally a Christian going through the motions of the religion. In 2001 I started attending WMCKL because I wanted to enrol both my sons with the Boys’ Brigade. This is the church that opened up my relationship with Jesus. Through the church members’ warm presence, encouragement, and their perseverance and persistence, I joined a SG. Here, I started getting to know who Jesus really is. My hunger to know Him gradually grew and now I have become more of a disciple of Christ rather than just being a Christian by name.

Bryan Looi

Perjumpaan dan menerima Yesus sebagai Jurus Selamat, tahun 2008, membawa saya berjemaat kat Kebaktian BM, WMCKL.

Saya menjadi anggota KBM sebab bilangan jemaat yang kecil dan mesra. Saya pun boleh focus dalam pendengaran Firman Tuhan.

Sya nak selalunya kuat dalam iman Kristian, dan hidup dalam kasih.

Lam Leong Weng

Dalam tahun 2010, kebaktian Bahasa Malaysia mula ditubuhkan di Gereja WMCKL dan saya diberi peluang menyertainya.
Jemaah BM terdiri dari pelbagai suku bangsa seperti orang asli, orang asal, orang Indonesia, dan jemaah WMCKL yang ingin mengikuti kebaktian dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Pelayanan saya di BM ministry pada permulaannya menghadapi cabaran tetapi atas galakan dan dorongan dari pastor, ahli jawatankuasa, jemaah BM dan rakan-rakan, ia dapat dibendung dan pada masa yang sama juga dapat memupuk kerohanian saya. Segala puji dan syukur kepada Tuhan!

Daniel Ade Suhendy


Beribadah kat Kebaktian Bahasa Malaysia WMCKL, adalah pengalaman yang sangat berarti dalam perjalanan kerohanian saya. 

Jemaat KBM berbeza bangsa dan kaum tetapi hangat dan mesra, sungguh indah! Kat KBM, kami pun boleh berbagi (sharing), bersuka cita dan belajar bersama dalam keluarga kecil Kristus, amat terberkati…

Dalam pelayanan KBM saya selalu teringat sebuah lagu, untuk selalu memotivasi saya – HATI HAMBA – “Kau bukan Tuhan yang melihat rupa, Kau bukan Tuhan yang memandang harta, tapi hati hamba yang Kau cari …..”

Selamat Hari Jadi WMCKL!

Tuhan Yesus Memberkati.

Ramon & Samala Navaratnam

We are grateful to God that my family and I have been blessed by being members of KL Wesley since I married Samala in 1961!The church has given us rich religious, spiritual and fraternal relations and warm fellowship for these many years. My contemporaries and I helped build a church at Pandamaran in Klang during our days in MYF. We attended happy weddings, sad funerals and many inspiring Christmas, Easter and Good Friday Services which have enriched our lives! Samala sang joyously in the Wesley Choir for a long time too.


May God bless KL Wesley for many, many more years to come!
With love.

Desmond & Janet Cheong

Our family joined WMCKL in the early 1970s. Here, God touched us in so many ways. I was involved in various ministries such as the Fellowship committee, Parish group, Local Church Executive Committee, Helpline Counselling, and the Goodwill Shoppe.
As I took my first steps to serve, God led me all the way. Just like what Pastor Andrew Lim told us – to take our first step towards serving. As I served, I began to draw closer to God and know Him better. As we celebrate our 124th Church Anniversary, to God be all Glory and Praise!


– Janet Cheong

I came to WMCKL in early 1973. After 4 or 5 years, I became involved in Sunshine Home (a ministry, providing accommodation to the sick from outstation who were
seeking treatment in KL General Hospital), Helpline Counselling, Goodwill Shoppe (2nd hand clothing), and Childcare. I was a Greeter and Communion Stewart; and for a period of time, served at the church office. I have never looked back with regret and I thank our Lord who gave me the blessing of energy. His Name be praised!


– Desmond Cheong

Marshall Wan

Thanks be to God, my family and I are blessed by the Almighty every day. Although I face difficult challenges as a new SG leader this year, I receive a lot of support and encouragement from my SG members.

Also, in these difficult times, I thank God for being with me, helping me to go through life. During this pandemic, God has protected me wherever I go.

I want to continue to put my trust and faith in Him, for I know, He has greater things in store for me in the future. Hallelujah, praise be to God! Amen.

Alice Aruthan

I don’t believe I have survived so many ‘heartbreaks’ all this while. When difficulties abound and stress prevails through unexpected misadventures, that is when life has thrown you a curve ball.

11 years ago, I fractured my feet while walking on uneven ground and was on crutches for 2 months. But setbacks such as this strengthened my character and I grew spiritually as I trusted and obeyed the Lord. 

Grateful thanks to my family and friends from WMCKL for their care. All praise to God for His love and blessings.
Happy 124th Anniversary WMCKL!

Tan Lay Ling & Kenny Lim

About 2005, I began attending a small group in WMCKL and sensed a deep calling to help the older ones there. Through the Bible studies, sharing life’s experiences and serving, I began to grow closer to God.

Last year, I was diagnosed with spinal cord degeneration. Due to unbearable pain, I could hardly walk and had to resign from my job to recuperate. The doctor recommended me to a very costly spinal surgery and there was no guarantee that I would be cured. My SG members showered me with prayers, encouragement, and suggested alternative treatments which greatly improved my condition.

All praise and thanks to our Lord God Almighty!


– Tan Lay Ling


Ever since I moved to a different company in Nov 2002 which required much less travelling, my family and I could attend church services together regularly.
As I began attending the Setapak SG2, my personal relationship with God grew. I find enjoyment in attending small group as I can learn more about our God through Bible studies, sermon discussions, encouragement and support from the members.
Ever since I took up small group leadership, my relationship with God grew more intimate and I got closer to the members. I praise and thank our God Almighty for this as the peace I am experiencing is beyond comprehension.

– Kenny Lim

Josephine Lai

I was baptised in 2005 in another church. I desired to grow and wanted my children to have a greater exposure in a bigger church with opportunities to develop and serve God. This led me to look around for another church.

Feeling somewhat lost in a big church and the sense of wanting to belong led me to join a SG. Through the years, SG has helped me grow as a disciple of Christ. God has given me a community of believers where I can serve Him and grow spiritually. All glory and honour to God!

Katherine Chen

Praise God for His gift of faith, and His faithfulness and patience with me. I was a tag-along-kid of my aunt who was a member of the Girls’ Brigade in WMCKL. When I became a Christian, it was natural for me to choose WMCKL as a home church, besides the comforting knowledge of having good friends there. God has been good in guiding the choice and provided me an extended family of God in WMCKL – a place where many lasting relationships are fostered through worship, nurture and service. 
Happy 124th Anniversary WMCKL!
May the joy of the Lord be our strength!

Tan Chee Kwong & Chow Lee Kheng

We have been in WMCKL for 4 years and we thank God for the messages delivered by His servants. We were reminded on how we have been trying to depend on ourselves instead of on God’s strength. In our small group, we are able to connect with other brothers and sisters in Christ to share and care for one other like family members through the sharing. All praises and thanks to God!

Melissa Yap

All glory and honour to Lord God Almighty, our Rock of Ages! 
El Shaddai, El Elyon, Elohim, the great I AM!

Name above all names: JESUS!
King of kings and Lord of lords! 
Everlasting GOD – the same yesterday, today and forevermore!

Thank You LORD for Your amazing love that covers my family from evil and sustains us throughout the days of our lives. Thank You for keeping WMCKL safe to shine Your Light over the city as a beacon of hope!

May WMCKL be a church that shines for You, in that whatever we do, it will be pleasing to You, that all may come and see Your Glory!

Sherry Chan

One day Melissa Yap called and asked me if I would like to send my son to WMCKL Sunday school. Frankly speaking I had not been to church for a long time! I sent my son there but stayed away from the church service. However, I eventually sneaked in and attended one service after another. By the grace of God I have finally rekindled my relationship with the Holy Spirit. Nothing is coincidental. God has His unimaginable way to reach out to His lost sheep. I was lost but now am found. My family members are now members of WMCKL.

Eunice Yeo

Blessed to be in WMCKL for 32 years. Praise the Lord! Although there were a lot of changes, the love for God and the desire for the church community to serve is always in us. From Cheras Parish and now in Damansara Parish, I am blessed to be part of the small groups which have moulded me to become a better person. Through Bible studies, sharing of life’s experiences, and prayers, we support & care for one another. Recently I had an “Eye stroke.” The love from my SG members & friends touched me so much. Praise God!

Low Pei Sze

I have been with WMCKL since 2015 and is currently in Small Group CEN 4. 

During this Covid-19 pandemic period, I am very thankful to Father God for His healing grace and protection over my family and me. I trust and believe He is my living God. He has poured out His grace and mercy whenever we need His help. He will come to us whenever we call upon Him.  

Oh Father God I give You all praises and thank You again. You are our Almighty God and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Alice Siew

God led me and my husband to WMCKL around 1990. We were baptized in 1993 and later, all our children got baptized here. The Sunday School, the Bible courses and Sunday services served to equip us for life in the faith and mature in the Lord. God is so gracious and good to us that we want to share a testimony.
In December 2004, we couldn’t go to Langkawi as the hotels were fully booked. When we heard that a tsunami had hit Langkawi on 26 December, we were so relieved and grateful as we realized that God had protected us from that area. All glory and thanks to God!

Miranda Yap

I have been a member of WMCKL for over 62 years and these years had taught me reverence and dependence on God. I would like to share my experience of God’s hand in my life, when I miraculously survived the Japan Airlines plane crash in Sungai Buloh on 27 Sep 1977. He had mercifully & graciously extended my years on earth to realise His destiny for my life, among which His abundant blessing of 5 children & 5 grandchildten. All praise and thanks be to God.

Cheah Tuck Wing

I believe that it is very important to grow our faith in the community of Christ. Our life transformation journey is not always going to be rosy. Often, our own flaws/sinfulness hinder our spiritual growth and become our biggest “roadblock” to get closer to our Heavenly Father.
Pastor Andrew’s sermon series is empowering as it reflects on how we as believers are called to live right in Christ-likeness. I found that there are many good and practical lessons we can apply and use when we are faced with the temptations and challenges of this world.

Peter Khong

I accepted the Lord in 1998 in WMCKL but did not stay long. I joined another church and grew spiritually for a time but backslided because of dysfunctional family, health and other issues.
I had depression during the lockdown but I thank God, He gave me a second chance. After I started watching WMCKL online, I contacted the church and began attending a small group.
Taking baby steps, and very blessed by the grace, love and kindness in my small group, I am also learning what it means to follow Christ and be a disciple.

Mei Ee

Blessed to be a member of WMCKL for the last 35 years. To be able to serve the Church in the Usher and SG ministries brought heartfelt joy. It is most rewarding to be able to bring warmth and welcome to all who enter the Church Sunday after Sunday for the Lord.
Seeing lives change from who we are to what God wants us to be in the life of discipleship through SG brought unspeakable joy! I’m also grateful and thankful for many friendships cultivated in WMCKL.
All praise and honour to God for this opportunity to serve Him through WMCKL and the many blessings that came along.

Vivien Lum

I am blessed that I am able to serve in the usher ministry at WMCKL for the past 20 years. I’ve learnt the meaning of humility and being united as a team. I am also grateful for my small group where I am able to grow spiritually in God’s word, learning to bear the fruit of the Spirit, and be in close bond and accountability towards one another.

All glory to God!

Carol Chan

My husband, James and I were called to serve as ushers in the early 90’s, after having served in the 10 am service choir for many years. It is such a privilege to serve in the Usher Ministry as I have learned humility and servanthood, just as our Lord Jesus came to serve and not to be served. God has been amazing. He has been with us in our ups and downs of life. All glory to God!

Jennie Yew

At my senior age, I’m grateful to be able to serve the Lord as an usher at WMCKL. Also, through the SG community, I am able to feel the sense of belonging, care and love. We uphold one another in fellowship and learn about God’s word in our journey on earth together. I love to attend my SG and am grateful for small groups. All praise to God!

Selina Choy

Being an usher gives me the privilege to serve God and also help the church community. It also gives me the opportunity to learn humility and servanthood, and foster better relationship with the others.
I joined a small group in order to learn more about God’s Word through our pastor’s sermons. The discussions help me reflect on my weaknesses during my daily devotions. My SG members also help to build up my faith and trust in God. I can always get help and advice from them. Praise God.

Jullie Lim

More than 20 years ago, having 2 toddlers and a non-believer husband, I decided to serve as an usher as that was the only area I could serve then.

It is a joy and a privilege to see and greet God’s children every Sunday. I remember the warm Christmas Eve services where we lit candles, symbolizing our purpose on earth to be light of the world. At one Christmas, it was so full that we had to place chairs on the tarmac at the front entrance. We ran out of chairs!

I truly enjoy serving with God’s children and will continue to do so until my knees go weak.

Yap Bee Yong

Being a painfully shy person, it was difficult to be an usher initially, but I persisted. Today, I am happy and comfortable to greet people as they come in.
It has been a very challenging year – my mother was admitted into hospital 4 times and I was diagnosed covid positive. I am especially grateful to my SG leader for supporting me with daily food deliveries to my doorstep during my darkest moments. Through these challenges, I learned to put my trust in God. Being in a SG has also encouraged me to maintain my daily devotion regularly. I feel happy and blessed to be part of my SG, and serving the church as an usher is so rewarding! I thank God for His many blessings.

Aaron Leong

Several weeks back, my mother had very high fever and difficulty breathing. She tested covid negative and was admitted into the ICU at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. 3-4 days later, she tested positive for covid-19. My brother and I began to pray fervently for her. Church friends also prayed very hard and sent her encouraging words.
Her condition worsened but we thank God for answering our prayers as she became well enough to undergo a kidney dialysis. She got better and was discharged after 1 month. At first she couldn’t walk, but now she is able to walk on her own. We thank God for healing my mother and we wish WMCKL a Happy 124th Anniversary, celebrating His goodness!

WMCKL Ushers

I am thankful to serve in WMCKL. Serving as an Usher is serving our Almighty God and all His people. I will serve with love & joy always.

-Tan Lee Lang

Both of us have been blessed by serving as Ushers. We have learnt the meaning of what a good morning smile and welcoming words can do to visitors and members co
ming to Church and we became more sensitive to their requests in Church.

Jenny & Amanda Ho

Being an usher has been fulfilling and I’m glad I joined the ministry. With heartfelt gratitude, I praise God for the joy, abundant love, and His steadfast presence in sorrow, despair and mental health issues, and His strength to handle challenges ahead.

Leong Wai Han

I am so grateful to serve the Lord as an Usher in the Church since the 90’s. I took a break and continued serving when the Legacy Centre opened. The joy of serving has remained the same always. Praise God for His faithfulness!

Chan Su Leng

I am so thankful to be serving the Lord in the Usher ministry. I praise God that through serving, I’ve learned to humble myself and work in a team. All honour and praise to God!


Joanne Tan

I am honoured to be serving the church in the Usher ministry that allows me to meet many kinds of people that has taught me to be humble.

James Ho

I feel very blessed to have the privilege to welcome people as an usher in WMCKL. I’ve learnt the importance of a sweet smile and warm welcome for it is well received and reciprocated by all who enter to worship God. Praise God!

Beatrix Chong

I am so grateful that I have found a ministry to serve in WMCKL. Serving as an Usher has taught me to become more responsible, loving and a caring person. All glory to God!

Anne Lim

I am thankful that I found a ministry to serve in WMCKL. Being an Usher has given me the opportunity to feel the joy of expressing love to not only the church members but to the congregation at large.

Karen Law


Having a great desire to serve the church, I offered to serve as an Usher. God is ever so faithful and always by my side whenever I need Him. All praise and honour to God for His faithfulness.

-Ivy Tham

We are very encouraged and blessed by these testimonies and hope that all of you are encouraged by them too.

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